Launched in September 2000, DV set out to offer a digest like none seen
before one that would allow men, and women too, to embrace sensual imagery
within a respectable, luxury context. It sees the world through the most
expensive sunglasses and seduces its readers with a series of irresistible
fantasies, artistic and commercial, igniting aspiration on both levels.


With so much choice in the fashion publishing market, readers are more
demanding than ever. And with its commitment to superior quality and
artistic freedom, only DV can satisfy those demands. It is read by the
affluent, decisive and powerful new breed of professionals and creatives who
know what they're looking for and are ready to pay for it, whatever it
costs. Be it the shoes, the underwear, the holiday destination, the hotel,
the car of the season DV presents luxury lifestyle must-haves within the
opulent setting they desire: a rich vision of sex, taste and


To the last detail, DV represents the best of everything. From the best
visionaries presenting the best models and the best clothes in the best
locations, right down to the best production values and the best paper
stock. Because this is the publication for a stylish elite for whom only the
best is good enough. No cost or effort is spared, and our readers can taste
the difference. The results speak for themselves: DV has raised the
standards in men's publishing so high that women want it too.

Audience: 25-55
Distribution: 48,000
Frequency: Biannual
Price: £10 / ¤16

Let DV take your brand straight to the highest level